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Tiger Toledo - True Story

Greetings my friend, My name is Vilard C. Toledo but everyone calls me Tiger Toledo. My story begins in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City where I was born and raised. Crown Heights to be exact, I had a great childhood, not a worry in the world. In 1985 hip-hop music was beginning to make a splash on the radio scene and my favorite rapper at the time was Big Daddy Kane. I looked up to BDK because he was smooth, rugged, smart and charismatic. That really appealed to me at the age of 10.


I grew up in a brown, 5-flat brick building, one bedroom apartment on Sterling Place between Utica and Schnectady ave. Raised by my mother Nicole Jacques who was a Haitian immigrant and a weekend father who was also from Haiti. For the most part of my life my mother was a single parent who worked very long hours as a home care attendant taking care of elderly people. O’ what a great woman, she was my best friend. Because my mom worked long hours I hit the streets to keep me active.

Summertime in Brooklyn was the best, we played stick ball, hand ball, basket ball, you name it me and my boys played them all. The girls looked super fine with their tight jeans and door knocker earrings. It was a young boys’ paradise. I loved everything about my neighborhood; the ranking contest (snapping jokes) I would laugh so hard it would give me stomach pains. My friends were the flyest and coolest cats you’d ever mee. They wore the latest fashions and had the prettiest girls. At the time Polo, Nautica, and Tommy Hilfiger were the “it” clothing brands in the streets. You were instantly cool if you wore these brands.

Welcome to BROOKNAUM: When crack/cocaine hit my block (neighborhood) all the fun and games were over. People were getting robbed, raped, shot and killed in my neighborhood. Police departments were becoming corrupted and fights were breaking out on a daily basis, crime was rising at a rapid rate. My friends began smoking weed and drinking liquor. I never touched the stuff, my mom and pops would have killed me. I think the most devasting thing I witnessed a man getting murdered at the age of 14 over a drug deal gone badly. We didn’t have drug dealers on my block, we had full fledged Jamaican drug cartel owning and operating my block. The streets got cold quick. Can you believe it, my block was even on America’s Most Wanted. Smh..

My mother was battling diabetes for a long time and she eventually made her transition when was 17 years old. I’m not going to lie fam, I was broken. I wasn’t doing drugs or drinking but I didn’t know which way was up or down. I dropped out of High School and was getting into fights weekly. I would jump in the shower to wash the blood off my knuckles and the scars and bruises on my body. lt began going down a very self-destructive path. My best friend was gone. I was angry all the time. My father was MIA and I had no income coming in. The landlord wanted to evict me out of the apartment and my family members didn’t want anything to do with me because they thought I was a criminal cause of the company I kept. I was alone, scared and grieving. I needed Help ASAP.


One year Later… I wasn’t doing any better. I was still a drop out, I was going back and forth to court with the landlord trying to buy time so I wouldn’t be homeless. No money, No hope, No support. I didn’t want to steal and rob, nor did I want to sell drugs. I just wanted my mother back. It was frightening to see how unprepared I was to take care of myself and survive. Luckily, I got a small job with EMI Records from a friend of mine Micah. You see, many people didn’t like hanging out with Micah because he stuttered a lot. They were embarrassed to be seen with him but I wasn’t, he was one of the coolest homies I had. Anyway, I had the chance to work with various artist like The Fugees, D’Angelo, Groove Theory, Bahamadia and others. It was a cool gig but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to capitalize on the opportunities. I was just happy to be able to put some money in my empty pockets and food in my growling stomach legally.

During this time I had an uncle in Chicago who reach out to me and was willing to take a chance on me. So without hesitation, I packed my one brown suitcase, grabbed my boom box and jumped on the Greyhound with $150 in my pocket. I felt if I moved to Chicago I could escape the madness and hurt I was going through. But you know how the story goes… you can’t run away from my problems forever, eventually I had to face my demons.

I went to live with an uncle I hardly knew, he was the president of a local union with a heavy Haitian accent and no nonsense personality. He was the meanest and greatest man I have ever met. He taught me how to become a man. We would sit and talk for hours at the kitchen table where he let his albino pigeon fly around freely throughout the apartment. We would talk about everything, he would tell me amazing stories about his life in Haiti as a secret service agent for the president and lessons about how to be a gentleman. One of  biggest impacts he had on my life was that he gave me a chance to vent and flood out all my feelings to him. He allowed me to cry and be vulnerable without being looked at as a punk or a bitch. He was my mentor and I loved him dearly.

Unfortunately he was struggled with diabetes and heart complications also. He eventually passed on 1 year and 3 month of me living with him. I was crushed. I felt God had it in for me. I felt cursed.

A verse from a WuTang song “Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough”, constantly ran through my head. It was the same sh*t, different state only this time I got involved in drugs, guns, alcohol, fast women and jail. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted to live. When I got locked-up I knew I hit rock bottom, I prayed and prayed for GOD to take control of my life. The Lord didn’t reduce my time but he blessed me with the piece of mind that I had the power to change my whole life. Whether I succeeded or failed I was in total control of it all. That’s when my life changed, That’s when I felt free, that’s when I decided take action instead of being a victim of circumstances.

So I decided to learn business. I got my High School diploma, enrolled in college and began my quest for greatness. I spent hours upon hours at Borders book store and Barnes & Noble reading about self improvement, sales and business/marketing. I read books by Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and countless others. The authors and the characters in the books became my friends and mentors.

I knew I wanted to create a  brand that represents the constant power, strength, courage and the never-ending quest for greatness A brand that overcomes adversity, age, erases stereo types, gender and race. A brand that empowers the mind, body and soul to do extraordinary things.

So allow me to introduce my company, we are GULLYWARE® “Empowering The New Black Renaissance“. Led by my vision GULLYWARE® represent GREATNESS with a street luster. GULLYWARE is designed and engineered for the motivated go-getter’s who strives to achieve greatness everyday of their lives. The driving force behind my company is about overcoming adversity to achieving greatness by any means necessary.

GULLYWARE® is for people who still hold fast to his or her dreams of being the best and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop them from being #1. For the consumer GULLYWARE® delivers a confident universal message that breaks all stereotypes, erases mysticism and ethnic boundaries while setting new standards in the business world. With your help GULLYWARE will be the best-selling and most recognized Black Empowering Renaissance brand in the world.


Today, I am now drug free, happily married with a daughter named Brooklynn and a wonderful son named Christian. My business is on and popping helping celebrity clients and entrepreneurs big and small to succeed. It was not easy getting to where I am now but look I forward to what the future and GOD has in store for me. I’ll tell you what a wise friend told me, GULLY stands for: Greatness Until Life Leaves You.

Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope my brief bio becomes a spring-board in your life to achieving AMAZING results. You have what I takes, but its your job to make it happen.

Love, Peace and Prosperity,

 *Tiger Toledo/Founder


Tiger Toledo
Founder/Mr. Black Blake Carrington

Tiger Toledo (Brooklyn, New York) My life long dream was to help black businesses big and small to succeed. Today I’m doing just that but none of this would be possible without my team. Explore Gullyware Systems for yourself to see what we’re about.  

Web-developer/Mr. Awesome

Campo (Brooklyn, New York) is our eyes and ears of what’s hot in the streets. He’s very in tuned with what the young people of today desire and implements his recon into his web development and designing skills. He is a valuable asset to our team and we’re proud to have such exquiste talent.

Web-desiger/Ms. Sniper

Alisha (San Fernando Valley, California) is just what the doctor ordered. She brings a femine dynamic to the team that is priceless. Her attention to colors, fonts and design has taken our company to another level.  We call her the “Sniper of Finesse”. What an absolute joy to have her on the team.

Web-designer/Mr. Solved it

Cameron (Chicago, Illinois) is a creative genius. His talents have provided solutions to some of our biggest challenges. This guy could work for NASA if he wanted to, thank goodness he decided to work with Gullyware Systems to usher in the New Black Renaissance of Business.  


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