LEARN TO SELL OR PERISH – Part. 2 #Influence


DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS: Learn to Sell or Perish – Part 2. #Persuasion

Wassup Hustlepreneur,

Whether you’re a painter, producer, teacher or stripper — oops?!? I’m sorry, Exotic Dancer, you better have some sales skills under your belt.

There’s not a company on the planet that exist without a sales element.

In this episode I will share with you some Dirty Little Sales Secrets that yield huge results.

The ability to persuade comes from a combination of skills, and I’ll cover some of them in this episode.

I also have a special announcement that I think you’ll enjoy. So Lets get started shall we. – One Love

Best Wishes,

Tiger Toledo
Founder of Gullyware & Hip-Hop Sales Coach

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Tiger Toledo

Tiger Toledo is the creator/founder of GULLYWARE Systems and Hip-Hop Sales Coach to celebrities. His concentrations are in sales, media, visual influencing, branding and marketing.