Kanye West – Fade | Using Distractions as a Persuasive Weapon


Greetings Hustlepreneurs,

In this episode I share with you how distractions are used to persuade an audience. Whether its using beautiful people, music videos you name it it has been used on us and it will continue to be used on us because it works so pay attention to the jewels I share with you. See how you can incorporate it in your business.

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The trick is to equate joy, happiness and triumph to your product. If people can relate a good feeling to your product you are winning in a big way. Think about the old Coca-Cola commercial with the dirty hippies dancing and singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”. Coca-Cola saw a huge spike in sales after that commercial aired and they continue to air the old ass commercial till this day because it draws out good emotions out of people.

Listen to Teyanna Taylor as she explains the deeper meaning “BEHIND” (pun intended) the video.

Distraction Used as a Persuasive Weapon


Using distractions as a persuasive weapon isn’t a new concept. For centuries this tactic has been used by Kings, Queens, royal Jesters and others. Today, some people may distract you with drugs, alcohol, sex and entertainment. Think about those anti-depression commercials.

Think of ways you can use distractions to sell your products. Until next time hustlepreneurs, peace love and prosperity to you and yours and I will talk to you guys soon peace.

-Tiger Toledo

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