Funding Your Side Hustle #Trucking


In this episode of BLOODY KNUCKLES, I show you what my main hustle is and how its funding my side hustle. So many times people tell you about how much money they are making in their new business but never show you how they raised capital or supported themselves and their family during the transition.

I think that’s fucked up because they’re selling people half truths. Its like a drug kingpin showing you how to flip bricks but never showing you how they got there and the pitfalls to avoid.

I hope you enjoy this brief episode. My purpose with these videos is to show you the processes to my success. Everything isn’t shiny bells and whistles. It takes work, hustle, creativity and strategy. Do those things and stay focused on your goals and watch the magic happen.

Yours Truly,

Tiger Toledo
“Your Humble Hip-Hop Sales Coach”

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Tiger Toledo

Tiger Toledo is the creator/founder of GULLYWARE Systems and Hip-Hop Sales Coach to celebrities. His concentrations are in sales, media, visual influencing, branding and marketing.