How to Close a Sale – 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy


Sales really isn’t a difficult process, I truly believe every entrepreneur should take at least one sales course. That is why I highlight persuasion tips and techniques through-out my blog. Because I have an extensive sales background I know how important it is to present your product, educate the consumer, overcome objections and close the deal. One thing I can gaurantee you is if you decide to learn how to be a power persuader, you will never go hungry again. Be sure to join our VIP List because my goal is to show you some dope persuasive shit that will help your business grow month after month.

Video Synopsis: How to Close a Sale – Close a Sale by Understanding 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy. Sales motivation speaker and sales trainer Victor Antonio gives you a simple sales model to understand why clients won’t buy your product or service.

How to close a sale depends on your ability to overcome the sales objections of: No Money, No Time, No Need, No Urgency or No Trust.

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Tiger Toledo

Tiger Toledo is the creator/founder of GULLYWARE Systems and Hip-Hop Sales Coach to celebrities. His concentrations are in sales, media, visual influencing, branding and marketing.